Welcome to my Lodoss War Page..Due to some problems with the other Lodoss war page
here I will be adding more stuff like descriptions and I as i said hope to get an E-mail Game going here!!
So If you are interested in playing an e mail game choose A Lodoss Wars Character e mail with it and I will add you to 
the page and the game =)
       These are my current characters
    So this page will be up dated alot thru the months as I hope to get the game going as soon as I have more characters to praticipate!!

Pirotessa's Conections

Anime web turnpike: My favorite place to go on the web for my anime information
Darker side of Lodoss: this was a first attempt at this creation
RPG: This if they ever register it was the sigght of the role playing game
Characters dateing service: Here is a diffrent style of Character descriptions I tried to be semi-original=)
Eternity: This is a place for various short stories!!

This section of Lodoss has been trampled through this many times

Dark side of Lodoss